Disadvantages Of Wikipedia Essay

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When a development of technology has extended and been more progressive since many years ago, it absolutely makes many people’s lives easier and convenient. Nowadays, this technology also has directly an impact on people’s lifestyles in the way allows people to have more effective abilities and have more spaces on an online social communication, also known as a social network, which is “an online community of people with a common interest who use a website or other technologies to communicate with each other and share information, resources, [and others]” (Dictionary). Facebook, which is the biggest social network of the world and found by Mark Zuckerberg, and Wikipedia, which is a useful free online encyclopedia, are the social networking …show more content…
Additionally, Wikipedia also does the same things as Facebook that simplifies people to have social networking participation but in an informative way. As The New York Review of Books, Nicholson Baker indicates about Wikipedia in his article “The Charms of Wikipedia” that:
[W]hen people [helps] they [are] given a flattering name. They [aren’t] called "Wikipedia 's little helpers," they [are] called “editors” […] [which] [s]ome [bring] very fancy professional metal rakes. […] [And] [t]he people who [guard] the leaf pile [are] called “deletionists." (Baker 1)
This Baker’s statement shows that Wikipedia allows people or users to participate with the others in term of informatively responding to the questions. It also let people and web users create a new page with reliant historical information, and it calls these people as “editors”; in contrast, sometimes some people are called “deletionists” if they deliberately delete that information. Thus, both Facebook and Wikipedia likely help people able participating on the social network, and these social networking websites also become informative

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