The Pros And Cons Of E-Waste

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E-waste stands for electronic waste such as computers, cell phones, printers, and television. E-waste is unwanted or unused electronics that are no longer in use. Unused electrons are stuffing landfills on the globe. The EPA, an Environmental Protection Agency is a federal government program which is design to help keep safe environments and human’s well-being. However the EPA proclaimed, “the United States have more than 100 million worth of hardware to discard and just 20 percent of it is reused" (What Is E-waste?). The other 80 percent is thrown away and most electronic contain harmful chemicals. When the bulk of electronic toxic chemicals add up in piles of waste, the threat to the environment is very harmful.
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However the EPA said, “100 million computers in the US alone are thrown away and less than 20% is being properly recycled. Consistently as much as 60 million metric tons will go into landfills evaluated by the EPA” (“E-cycling”). E-Waste has hazardous materials, for example, beryllium, cadmium, mercury and lead among the vast majority of these gadgets that are disgracefully discarded. There may just be a hint of these components in these gadgets. The majority of these materials can represent a noteworthy danger to the earth. Notwithstanding adding perilous components to the environment, reusing prospect can be lost to the lacking transfer of e-waste. According to the EPA about, “all of electronic waste has some type of ecological material which can incorporate glass, metal, and plastic" (E-cycling). Every year tons of pounds of electronic waste and unwanted materials are being disposed of in landfills around the world. Agencies receive e-waste products like computer, televisions, digital cameras, cell phones and many other various electronics that are simply outdated or damaged and cannot be repaired. The EPA results of landfill leachate studies, “suggest that currently allowed disposal of electronics, including those containing heavy metal waste, landfills is protective of human health and the environment” (“Frequently Asked Questions”). However, we should still try to keep used electrons out of the landfills so we can decrease its negative effect on the

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