Interquartile Range Case Study

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Question 1
The range is the simplest measure of variation; to obtain it, we subtract (the lowest value +1) from (the highest value). The pros of the range are that it gives us the full scope of extremes of a sample size. The cons of the range are that when the outliers are too dramatic and far away from the other numbers, they give us an inaccurate depiction of sample size. For example, due to the income inequality, the minimum wage should be at close to $25.00 per hour (Dalton, week 6). The interquartile range pros are that it more accurately represents the majority of data. Its cons are it ignores the most extreme data points. The variance is mainly used in calculating the standard deviation. The pros are that it helps us get an idea of
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I will be using the observation part of the creative sources to compile my data. I will also use the comparative methods at the end to compare and analyze the results of the collected data. My research question is on how classmates use their laptops and Smartphones during class lecture time.
This research project was put in place to observe few students’ behaviors while using their laptops to take notes in class. According to (MSSW, P. 283), “ethical concerns arise when unobtrusive measures that involve observing people, analyzing pictures of them or collecting evidence of their activities. Although the potential harm to research participants may be delayed, it can still occur unless care is used to avoid disclosing identities.” In this research project, no pictures or students’ identities will be collected. It is based only on a general observation of few students’ activities from the beginning of the quarter to
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According to (MSSW, P. 112), “Association is a criterion for establishing a causal relationship between two variables: Variation in one variable is empirically related to variation in another variable.” These researchers are practically ignoring the lifestyle and healthy eating habits of the people who did not have cancer. These healthy people are only eating pizza at least once a week, but are eating a healthy Mediterranean diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly cooked meals the rest of the week. The researchers are basing their conclusion only on the causal mechanism. According to (Dalton, week 4), “A causal mechanism is the process that creates the connection between variation in an independent variable and the variation in the dependent variable it is hypothesized to cause.” This article is very misleading, and its findings are erroneous and hypothetical in nature. “These are sponsored studies, which the reader should be suspect of because they are only promoting their products.” (Dalton, week 4

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