The Pros And Cons Of Cable Television

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Can’t Cut the Cord? Trying Shaving It.
While watching TV without a cable subscription is easy for most, there are situations that may leave some tied to cable TV. For instance, you may want to watch your home town baseball team. Personally, I just started listening to games on the radio. However, I can understand if you must watch the game live on TV.
Others are tied to cable or satellite TV due to where they live. Some areas of the country do not have good over the air coverage and would miss out on network TV. Hulu and CBS All Access could substitute, but that would lack live events and local news.
Watching the NFL without cable would still be possible, but it’s much easier to catch your local football team with an antenna.
Whether it’s
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This is a multi-billion dollar revenue source for cable and satellite providers. They are all taking us for a ride.
Did you know you don’t have to pay your pay TV provider $240 a year for the privilege of paying them even more to watch TV? You can simply own your cable box. They have to allow this to stay in compliance with the law.
Just look on your TV providers website for the equipment they support and you can buy it online from Amazon. If your cable company still uses a cable card, they must supply you with one. There may be a small fee, but it’s considerably less than renting a box.
Recently legislation, called STELAR, has spawned rumors that you can no longer get cable cards. This isn’t the case. The legislation simply removed the requirement that cable providers use cable cards. If your set top box uses a cable card, they still have to supply one on request.
Local Channel Bundles
Satellite and Cable TV providers use the number of TV subscribers as a metric when reporting to Wall Street. To keep their stock prices up they want you to have set top box. This means they will usually offer a super slimmed down package at a
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If you don’t have your own cable box, you can tack on another $20 to the deal price, while taxes and fees will add another $10. Therefore, it doesn’t beat the cable TV alternatives I’ve laid out, but it’s better than paying close to $200 per month to watch television.
Cancel Cable Phone Service
There are plenty of ways to replace your landline telephone these days. Why shell out any extra $20 per month plus taxes and fees to your cable TV provider when you simply use your cell phone.
If you must have a home telephone, then a service like Magic Jack will provide one for about $35 dollars a year! Don’t get hustled by cable TV and phone providers, check out my article on home phone alternatives for more affordable solutions.
Use your Own Cable Modem
Like the cable box, the cable modem is another way your TV provider likes to inflate your monthly bill. Your TV provider may be charging you about $100 a year in rental fees to use their modem and router for your internet connection.
Not only can you replace the modem with your own, but also install a more efficient network in your home without much effort. I give tips on how to do this in my post on using your own cable

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