The Pros And Cons Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

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A family is the fabric of any community or religion. Today in the United States about 66% of the households in the entire country are family households (Vespa 1). That means that in the entire population, over half contained mothers, fathers and children. The average american family has two children per household. In a picture perfect family there is a mother a father two or three children all living under the same roof, in a realistic setting a family can be a single mother or father and a lot more or less than a few children living in the same household. The relevancy in the fact that one in 86 children are diagnosed with some degree of autism is humbling to anyone, parents especially. Any form or degree of autism (Autism spectrum disorder) …show more content…
A few decades ago scientists and doctors had no real evidence to what caused Autism. Today we find that both genes and the environment play major factors (National Institute of Mental Health). There has been skepticism on the role that vaccines may play on the development of autism in young children.”Many studies have been conducted to try to determine if vaccines are a possible cause of autism. As of 2010, none of the studies has linked autism and vaccines.” (National Institute of Mental …show more content…
This theory for the origin of autism states that the cause was a lack of parental warmth, and affection. This lack of parental warmth would lead to a detachment of the child to their parents and would properly explain the social and communication issues that people diagnosed with autism would normally be associated with.
The success that an involved parent may have can be as easily read as the success of their children in society.
The economic success that one may face through the course of their life, or the difference between a five figure yearly income or an eight figure yearly income may be one way that we define the parent 's ability to properly rear a child. It is more than possible for an adult with autism to gain employment at most businesses.
Any parent may tell you that through every struggle that they face the one thing they will consistently hope for their child is happiness. It is more than possible for someone diagnosed with Autism to do “normal” everyday things.
Educational success may be the leading factor in which parents most universally and clearly are evaluated and judged through their success as a parent. This also means that the student and child can be measured through the success that they have at

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