The Proposition Of Networking Designing Strategy Essay example

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The proposition of networking designing strategy is a very impressive concept. Designing the proper networks is very critical to the success of business, both large and small. The network designing strategy has been implemented in various areas like transportation, supply chain management in business firms and in computing industries. There are mainly four fundamental goals associated with network design strategy. They are scalability, availability, security and manageability(Introducing Network Design Concepts). All these ideas and factors are developed and applied during the network design process. The design strategy for network can be applied in every workflow and for streamlining all the activities within a firm or business. This is the evidence that strategic network design is widely accepted theoretical concept. It may however have smaller practical impact as suggested in the internal report of the academic arena, publishers and business firms. “Network design is the strategic planning process for evaluating alternative structures for a supply chain, and selecting the one that maximizes profitability and helps to improve performance at each link in the supply chain”(Francas & Simon). Preparing the strategy for network design involves analysis, architecture and design components. Analysis is gathering information and collecting data about requirements, flows process and associated risks for particular organization or business. Architecture is about choice of…

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