The Problem With Obesity And An Established Solution Essay examples

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Canada has a problem with obesity and an established solution is needed. Junk food is easily accessible and because of this, low-income families are more likely to purchase larger quantities of it due to lower costs. Obesity can lead to diseases and serious illnesses, and some of the most likely illnesses to be received from obesity include type 2 diabetes, uterine cancer, and gallbladder disease Illnesses and diseases are dreadful, however, the number of people that have them may decline by decreasing the amount of sugary, carbonated, and high sodium foods humans consume. A tax needs to be added to junk food because it will decrease consumption and reduce obesity rates, lower incidence of diseases, and the revenue generated by these taxes can be used to fund education programs to teach healthy living.
First, the main issue is the over population of obese humans in the world, to do this the consumption of junk food needs to be changed. The tax will be put on foods containing high amounts of sugar, sodium, and calories. By adding a tax, people will stop buying unhealthy foods. Being able to decrease the amount of unhealthy food people eat will better our overall health, and it will decrease obesity rates. "As of 2003, US states without sales taxes on soft drinks or snack foods were 4 times as likely as states with a tax to have a relative increase in the prevalence of obesity" (Franck, Grandi, & Eisenberg, 2003). This is a valuable example of how taxing junk…

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