The Problem Of The Earth Essay

1409 Words May 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
The earth has many years existing in this galaxy and everyday people see that is changing more and more; but unfortunately not in a positive way. It wouldn’t be surprising if all these changes end in the extinction of the planet earth. All the countries hold a position of power that could change this big problem that the planet is facing. Behind these problems there are other problems that are causing much bigger issues in the entire planet. There is a saying that says “anything is possible if people work together”. For example, if everyone sets aside a little bit of time to clean up a piece of land, the world could be a much cleaner place. Humans are the ones in control of this planet; but unfortunately they often make decisions without considering weather is going to improve the planet or hurt it in the long run. In that sense, it happens because the selfish nature of humans. As a quote that says “People are sending carbon into the atmosphere ten times faster than during the hottest period ”(Lavelle). If human will see future on this planet this is a lesson how to treat a planet. This is why people have to firs think through the decisions they take. Examples of these decisions often include manipulating the system of other countries, how they work, what products they make, getting benefits from that country, etc. Also, taking control and or credit over other countries work. Some countries are taking very seriously the Global Warming problem, so the other countries want…

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