The Problem Of The Allocation Of Water Resources Essay

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A.) Conflict Theory / pg.27: Theoretical framework in which society is viewed as composed of groups that are competing for scarce resources

After watching this video I realized that there was a conflict theory going on in these "mega slums". One of the biggest resources that is most competed for is water. Water is so scarce and is distributed unevenly throughout the slums of Dharavi. It 's causing many conflicts. The allocation of water resources is also an issue. More water from the dams is going to sugar factories and newly built residential areas compete with golf courses while farmers are losing out on water for crop irrigation. This is making them rely more on erratic monsoons. Regions with a high density of sugar cane plants, and other industries, have significantly higher water usage than the agricultural or residential regions. Reports have been made that water tankers are being sent to the areas that were struck with droughts, are not reaching their targets and accusations of theft are rampant. A team of volunteers found that none of the tankers reached their intended goals. There have even been rumors of violence and crime in the villages. One man attempted to murder his brother claiming they were fighting over water. Even though it 's just a rumor, it 's believable because similar stories are becoming more common as neighbors are beginning to fight and steal to claim enough water to survive.

B.) Resocialization / pg.84: The process of learning new norms,…

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