The Problem Of Suicide Prevention Week Essay

917 Words Sep 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Do you ever feel alone and feel like you have no one to talk to? We all struggle with demons on our own and most of us don’t know where to go. Struggling with depression or a psychological illness is never easy not only for you but friend and family face these demons with you. September 7-13th is Suicide Prevention week, this is a week of acceptance and love. My family has endured the pain of losing a loved one’s from this and with each day it never gets better. I am here to tell you someone is here for you and you’re not alone; love is all around you and we will face this darkness together. As a child you don’t see the world as something harmful but as something with all types of undiscovered mysteries. Once you start school you are exposed to different types of people and situations. You’re no longer protected by your home and the warm loving arms of your mother, reality comes to play. In a school there are rules to follow for the safety of all the children yet do we really know what kids are saying in hallways or behind closed doors? The sad truth is no we don’t hear the mean names kids are calling each other or how they are making fun of a student’s weight. As that child rides home in the car, fighting back tears, the mother and father have no idea what is running through their mind. I have had my little cousin at the age of 12 come up to me needing advice, of course I sat and listened. What shocked me was that she was dealing with bullies because of her braces that…

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