The Problem Of Social Media Essay

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Anonymity is something that affects everyone on social media, weather they are aware of it or not. Anonymity can be used as an outlet for people to vent out their frustration in a safe place and say whatever they want without being judged, but anonymity can also be used to threaten or harass other people without any consequences. People act differently online than they would in real life because they have some form of anonymity that changes the way they
People think that they can get away with saying anything online without any repercussions. “Writer Fights Online Harassment” is an article that illuminates how people act when they have some form of anonymity online. In the article, a man was violently and sexually insulting Ford, a journalist, on her public Facebook page. She ended up finding the man’s employer on his Facebook page and contacted him, showing him the comments that the man had posted on her page, and he ended up getting fired. She says that the reason she contacted the man’s employer is because, "I 'm sick and tired of men abusing women online and continually getting away with it,” (Ford). Based on Ford’s statement, this is a recurring problem that happens online quite often. The reason that this is a problem online is because people can easily get away with the things they say online. If a man sexually insulted a woman in person, then he would be publicly criticized for it, but online, men can say whatever they want towards women without receiving…

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