The Problem Of Indigenous Incarceration Essays

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Aboriginals represent 3% of the population but 27% of the nation’s jail population. This is outrageous as it shows that race plays a major role in people being incarcerated.
This problem stems from the racial divide which is embedded in our society still today. Although we believe that we have gotten past the discrimination that the indigenous Australians face it is still a major problem facing Australian society. Imagine, being treated differently and given unfair punishments based on your race or background. Imagine being defined by something you cannot control.
The problem of indigenous incarceration emanates from the marginalisation which aboriginals receive as they often have no chance of breaking out of the crime circle as they are labelled with the stereotype that they are lazy, incompetent and do not deserve the same treatment as people with a non-indigenous heritage. Evidence has also suggested that racism and discrimination that indigenous Australians receive has been linked to things like depression, anxiety, smoking, substance use and poor health. Some of these things are big enough to land them in jail and they have come from the racism they receive on a daily basis. Although some of the incarcerations derive from the behaviour of indigenous people many of the problems come from the way they are treated by respected people in the communities such as police officers, court judges and even people in society like you and me.
The alarming fact is that police…

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