The Problem Of Human Trafficking Essay example

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Throughout the 1800s, countries all over the world were working towards passing new laws to abolish slavery. Many probably think the cruelty of selling humans stopped there, but human trafficking is thriving around the world. Since the 1800s, laws have been passed to protect human rights, and people are finding ways to illegally sell humans anyway. As stated in Global Issues, Local Arguments, “trafficking of human beings, involving the buying and selling of people who are forced to work for the profit of others, is a problem affecting most countries” (Johnson 385). Most people do not know much about the subject of human trafficking; therefore, they do not know the magnitude of this worldly dilemma. One of the most globally overlooked problems is human trafficking, and it is overlooked because of the world’s lack of knowledge about the subject. Knowing who human traffickers target, why traffickers are using these victims, where the hot spots for buying and selling humans, and why trafficking is difficult to prevent are all important keys of knowledge that can be used to decrease or stop human trafficking.
When one thinks of human trafficking, he or she might immediately assume women are the victims. Sadly, women are often targets, but overall many factors can cause a person to increase their chances of being sold into the human trafficking business. There is a massive demand for cheap labor all over the world. This is why location plays a factor in one’s likelihood of getting…

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