The Problem Of Human Trafficking Essay

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Just like a church is defined more by its members than the building itself, Wellspring House in Mumbai is more than its exterior; it is made up of beautiful inhabitants and the new lives they have created here. I know this to be true because I live and work in this home, this sanctuary for young women rescued from human trafficking who have gone through pain that I will never know. As an employee, this space is sacred to me because I am able to be a part of the solution to the problem of human trafficking, witness the joy that these young women have despite their past, and experience the peace and safe haven that this home provides.
Each woman here has a story specific to her of how the world of human trafficking stripped her of her rights and all remnants of her happiness, yet I have seen each girl renew her joyful spirit in this home, which is a reason that I treasure this space so deeply. For joy to be able to shine through their pain, this house must provide an environment completely set apart from the rest of the world, which has only torn them apart. Even doing tasks as simple and occasionally monotonous as making breakfast, these girls are full of a contagious, upbeat energy. Simply the presence of laughter and happiness in Wellspring House is evidence of a drastic change in the lives of these girls, and how being here has brought joy back into their existence. These young women have suffered deep, traumatizing pain in their lives; they most likely never expected to…

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