Essay about The Problem Of Health Care Services

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Born in India, I came to the United States when I was 18. There are several cities in India that are medically underserved. Growing up in such an area I can affirm to the dire need for health care professionals with access to innovative research, medications, and cures. Experiencing and seeing your own family member getting poor health care services, creates a passion to make use of all resorts to improve this problem.
My Grandfather had always been an important part of my life. But, as he grew older, it became difficult to provide care for him. One day as my brother and I came home from school, we found our grandfather lying unconscious on the living room floor. We immediately rushed him to the nearby hospital. While the doctors at the hospital were battling to find a diagnosis for him, we spent our time going through medical books. We were hoping to come across something that would give us a clear understanding of what was happening to him. Weeks passed by, then one day the doctor called explaining that my grandfather started to fell ill and eventually passed away. This particular event in my life has shaped me into pursuing a nursing career. I want to be able to share this experience and provide care for others. My brother, inspired from the same incident, obtained a medical degree.
Acquiring a degree in nursing will provide me with the skills and experience I need to accomplish my career goals in the nursing industry. There are many health care careers out there.…

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