Essay about The Problem Of Global Warming

1663 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
Many people around the world are wondering what is happening with the changes in weather patterns. A scientist argues that human activity has affected the climate and this has led to a change. The issue of climate change is causing many counties, companies and people to focus on this issue. There are many reasons why global warming exists. The first has to do with the idea that humans are primarily responsible for global warming. Scientist think that human is the caused of global warming. Human like to burn fossil fuel by driving car and run factories. The most common fossil fuel that human burn are coal and oil which can release carbon dioxide. Not only fossil fuel can release carbon dioxide there is other stuff too. Like when humans cut down forest, we are killing the tree and we need the tree to absorb the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen. Human like cutting down the tree and burn them, which release carbon dioxide. Some people believe when human burn fossil fuel we are releasing carbon dioxide to are atmosphere. It is gases that are in the atmosphere, scientists call that greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gas acts like a blanket around the world. The gas that is in the atmosphere is carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. But the most popular gas that is in our atmosphere is carbon dioxide. Why is carbon dioxide, the most popular gas? It is because of human activity. The second reason has to do with the rate of the temperature on earth has increased so fast people…

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