Major Effects Of Global Warming

Global Warming- The change in earth’s atmospheric temperature is known as global warming. Global warming is an immediate danger. Humans are causing climate changes due to which the average temperature of the earth has risen over the past one decade. Many man-made and natural processes cause the global warming that continues to affect our environment. Greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming. Human beings have raised carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with their activities, such as deforestation, and burning fossil fuels. The other major causes of global warming is population growth, pollution, and industrialization. These changes are resulting rise in sea level, melting glaciers, damage of the ozone layer, unseasonable rains, and also increasing many other environmental problems. Impacts of global warming can be seen in countries like Australia and New Zealand. Global warming is the biggest threat for future generations and it has already started affecting human beings and our environment. The main cause of global warming is greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, and Sulfur dioxide which increases the …show more content…
Greenhouse gases, pollution, population growth, and industrialization are some of the major factors lead to global warming. Global warming is affecting ozone layer which saves human beings from ultra violet rays. Global warming can be controlled by stopping deforestation, lesser use of air conditioners, more use of solar energy, using CNG (compressed natural gas) instead of petroleum and diesel. Antarctica is the coolest place in the earth, but in recent year’s human activities has increased in Antarctica, which led to increase in temperature and pollution in Antarctica. Some serious steps need to be taken against activities which lead global warming otherwise the result of global warming would be against the human

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