Essay on The Problem Of Cultural Dissonance

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Despite Hispanics being the largest minority group in the Unites States, issues plaguing Hispanic communities far too often do not get much attention in the academia. And although environmental injustices affect the general minority population, Hispanic communities are further disadvantaged because their cries for help are repeatedly silenced by either language barriers, deportations fears, or just an overall of lack awareness. Unfortunately, there is an obvious gap between environmentalist activist and the communities that they themselves want to help. This is because mainstream environmentalism 's perception of diversity has a predominant focus on Black communities. Consequently, Hispanic communities undergoing environmental injustices often do not get the proper assistance that they need. Therefore, I would like to research the problem of cultural dissonance in the environmental field—specifically in Hispanic communities. This research is important not only because it will further understanding about Latino issues that typically get ignored in mainstream academia, but also because these are critical environmental issues that, if not properly addressed, are exponentially detrimental to health and well-being of disadvantaged Latinos.
Reasoning from the aforementioned, I would like to focus my research on Hispanic border town communities. Just as the minority experience varies amongst minorities because of racial and cultural boundaries, there are similar experiential…

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