The Problem Of Child Slavery Essay

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Child slavery is one of the largest international issues we have today; it is such an exacerbated issue that it is one of the first issues causing international attention to be abolished (Glind). Many people believe slavery has been eradicated and no longer exists, but this idea could not be more erroneous. According to, in multiple forms of slavery, there are over 8.4 million child slaves in the world today ( There are many different forms of child slavery. Some of these forms are child work, forced labor, child trafficking, child marriage, debt bondage, and the worst form of all, children working in hazardous conditions that threaten their health ( According to this fact, child slavery is a colossal problem and needs to be eradicated. Through detailed history, and the explanation of child slavery across the world this problem will be revealed throughout this paper in order to make educated recommendations on how to eradicate this atrocious problem. Since the beginning of time, slavery has been problematic, in the 16th century; the immoral slave trade of Africans across the Pacific Ocean began (Vasconcellos). This slavery movement at first was only accepting adults because of their ability to work harder, so this caused farmers in the western world to not desire children (Vasconcellos). As the 18th century emerged, planters desired children to a greater extent because of many reasons; one reason planters desired…

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