Essay on The Problem Of Ageing Population

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There are numerous effects and problems caused by the fact that the population of the UK appears to be growing older. Throughout this essay i will attempt to identify these numerous problems, which include the history and demography of the country, overview of the problem, causes and effects and eventually the solution. Then I will attempt to round the essay off with an effective conclusion which will identify the key body of my text and give a general consensus of what I have stated.
Before talking about the problem of ageing population in details, it’s important to talk about the modern history and demography of Britain. The French was defeated by the British armies in 1760. Therefore the century long fight between the two countries started. competing with England on a world stage were a wild decision back then because Britain was one of the strongest country in the world (Griffin).
As the fight goes on, the English aligned with the Americans, and they fought together to defeat the French. However, their alliances didn’t last for long. Soon the English fought North america and divided the region into three. The British settled down in North America and grew large in number, by 1796 the colonial population was 10 times larger and people were well educated. However, they are mad at the new taxes placed on them because the English are trying to finance an army in America in order to maintain their power in the colonials. However, their plan didn’t work out and the native…

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