The Privilege Of Higher Education And The Oppression Of Minority Status

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The Privilege of Higher Education and the Oppression of Minority Status

Currently, I feel that I am privileged because I have been given the opportunity to receive a higher education at an Ivy League school. In addition to this privilege, I am also an African American that has experienced racial disadvantages as a female minority, yet I am able to receive an education that many African Americans will never receive. This privilege shows up in my life when I go back to my old neighborhood and see the poverty, racism, and social inequality that many African Americans must endure on a daily basis. At school, I am able to leave the world of racial oppression behind by attending classes with wealthy men and women that are predominantly white. I have experienced the hardship of living in a lower class environment with the added burden of racial discrimination as a part of living in a racially constructed society. In this manner, I can see the hierarchical inequality of racism by attending an Ivy League school as a minority that understands the experience of lower class status as an African American woman. Also, my status as a woman defines an even greater privilege as an Ivy League student, since patriarchal dominance is a common dominator amongst black and white males in the collegiate environment. Racial oppression shows up in the subtle behaviors of white students when they discover that I was not raised in a wealthy upper class family. Certainly, the white students are…

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