Essay about The Princess Bride Comparisson

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It is a mixed blessing to be able to see the movie version of a popular book. In most cases, Hollywood veers from the text and the viewer is left with a watered down version of the original. In the case of the Princess Bride, the cinema version is very close to the book. One such scene is Inigo and Fezzik’s visit to Miracle Max in search of a miracle. Setting, conflict, and dialogue are three points of high congruency. Setting is a major difference between the book and the movie. In the novel, Miracle Max and Valerie live in a hut with a trap door leading down to a cellar. Because of this, the reader meets Valerie earlier and has a chance to learn more about the couple. In the movie, there is no trap door or cellar. Valerie enters from …show more content…
In both the movie and the book, Fezzik replies that he is on the Brute Squad. In the novel, Inigo just keeps talking. In the novel, Max sees Fezzik and says, “You are the Brute Squad” (Goldman, 1987). Later, Max needs a noble reason to heal Westley. “He’s got a wife, he’s got fifteen kids, they haven’t a shred of food; if he stays dead, they’ll starve…” is Inigo’s answer in the novel. In the movie, the story is that his wife is crippled, and his children are on the brink of starvation. Another variation is Max’s opinion of what is second best to true love. Cough drops are the preference in the story, while in the movie it is a mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. The dialogue is virtually the same, with the bulk tweaked just a bit here and there. Although they are both similar, I prefer the novel version. The setting in the book allows for more background description, and gets the reader in touch with the lives of Max and Valerie. We learn more about the pair in how Goldman goes into the past to explain the motives behind Max’s decisions, and therefore how the conflicts are solved. Finally, the way the characters respond verbally shows us their personality, making them more real to the reader. Sure, the movie has some lines that I absolutely love, but would I switch?

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