The Primate House Essay

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It is November 18, 2016 at 1:00 pm and the sun is shining when me and my group enter the Birmingham zoo. My group consisted of Jasmine Williamson, Daniel Munger, and James Lowery. When entering the Primate house we started looking around and finding all the primates in the primate house and then choosing which ones each of us were doing. My hypothesis is whether there is specific behavior of non-human primates due to their size.
The scientific name for the Angolan Black and White Colobus monkey is the Colobus Angolensis. The enclosure for the colobus monkey is very big and consisted of a tree like structure, large rocks, and ropes. The colobus monkey has beautiful black fur with long white hair also known as the mantel which only flares out from their shoulders. They have whiskers, a very long tail, a beard around the face, and they do not have thumbs. There were two colobus monkeys’, one male and one female. Colobus monkeys are not sexual dimorphic. The length of the colobus monkeys’ arms is proportionate to their body shape. The colobus monkey has a flat face and rump pads. The colobus monkey does have a tail, but it is not prehensile and they do not have touch pads. They do not have cheek pouches. The Female colobus was not displaying estrus. The colobus monkey is a slow-moving quadruped and they stayed high up on the branches of their tree like structure. The colobus monkey only sat on one branch at a time with their back perpendicular to the ground.
The scientific…

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