The Primary Objectives Of The Risk Management System

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The primary objective of the risk management process is to reduce the affect of a crisis. The managers analyze the information to regulate the probable cause for liability (Reason, 2016). In addition, the management regulates the consequence to a tolerable or insignificant threat. The executive process involves indentifying the associate threats to assess and control through documenting the circumstance through monitoring the program (Meredith, Mantel, & Shafer, 2014). The success of the project executive is to recognize the threats because the strategy is to alleviate the consequence through evaluating the process to contribute to a proper solution.
Health and Safety The condition of production is capable of harming the products to cause personal injury and illness to the staff including consumers. The
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The issue of electric wiring and leaking pipes dictates a consequence to cause a severe physical injury. The register will provide the status of the vulnerable circumstance to delay or require a prompt resolution. In addition, the assessment classifies the threat of the register according to the injury. Therefore, the negligent factor to cause casualty outweighs the attention of leaking pipes.
The purpose is to control the risk and transform the critical factor to a satisfactory condition. The objective is to suspend the process according the severity of the consequence. The solution is to identify and isolate the region for a certain period to establish a contingency with a preventive measure (Emergency Management Institute, n.d.). In addition, critical factor requires insulating the region to encourage the employees to observe the safety measure. The posting of the dangerous location prompts the immediate review of the instruction for involving chemicals and equipment to improve the perspective.

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