The Prevalence Of Copd And Asthma Essay

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Lack of awareness, socio-cultural practices, low prices of tobacco due to tax exemption, and coping mechanisms to manage stressors are the challenges that Aboriginal people face contributing to widespread smoking behaviors (NCCAH, 2009).
Research about the role of genetic factors in Canada is limited. The role of biological factors contributing to the prevalence of COPD and asthma are complex due to the interactions between biology, behaviors, and the environment (Dougherty & Fahy, 2009).
Barriers to accessing health care services, and a lack of health education exist for Aboriginal people living on reserve (CRNHR, 2010). Remote locations, language barriers, cultural differences, and long wait lists for health services cause inequalities in Aboriginal people (CRNHR, 2010). In addition, lack of health insurance and healthcare professionals in the area influence lung health in Aboriginals (CRNHR, 2010). Aboriginals have expressed that health education provided was inadequate or not culturally, or linguistically relevant were adding further barriers (Watson et al., 2012). Furthermore, Aboriginal people’s educational attainment is lower when compared to non-aboriginal having an adverse impact on income, employment, and living conditions (Canadian Policy Research Networks, 2009). Many Aboriginals live in rural and remote communities and have low levels of income contributing to economic barriers to accessing health care (CRNHR, 2010).

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