Essay on The President Of The United States

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The President of the United States seems to wield immense power; through executive orders and bill vetoing, it often appears that the president has a disproportionate amount of influence. However, other times, the president appears limited in his influence towards policy. Aaron Wildavsky proposed a Two Presidencies theory, which proposes that the president has significant power in relation to foreign policy, but limited power in relation to domestic policy. In reality, it seems that the president has power and influence, albeit checked by different branches and entities, in all areas of government.
The head of the executive branch was meant to be greatly restricted, but has significant power nonetheless. As a check on the legislative branch and a gateway to the legislative process, the president may use his veto power, which throws out bills passed by Congress. Congress must work extensively to propose, present, and pass legislation; defeating legislation, also requires extensive effort from individual congressmen, and is a complex process. For the president, however, defeating legislation which may have been debated for month is simple, as he is able to simply veto it. The president’s veto may be overridden by Congress, but doing so requires amassing the support of two-thirds of both chambers, a task so arduous that a president’s veto is often seen as a final say. The president may also change government policy unilaterally without congressional consent by passing an…

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