Essay on The President Of The United States

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Citizens hold the power to arbitrate who the new Commander in Chief, also known as the president of the United States will be. Every four years’, in November states hold elections where all citizens go and cast a vote for presidency. Throughout history we have encountered numerous close elections, and to think that one small percentage of citizens that did not vote, could possibly have had a different outcome if they would have voted. Society has seemed to lost interest over the years in politics for many reasons. With such a major decision to be made, it would be rather ludicrous to think that my fellow citizens of our democratic nation would not rush out to the polls to be sure that their favorite candidate is elected for office
As we approach yet another presidential election the thoughts of voting cannot help but fill the heads of every voting age American. They are many reason why Americans don’t vote, one being citizens think their vote won’t count. Another reason, so many citizens do not vote because of the registration process. For many Americans taking time out of their day may mean taking time off work, in order to register to vote. This, for many, is not an option as they may have to work 40 to 50 hours a week leaving little time for personal matters including voting. When election day comes, individuals wait in long lines to vote, and some wonder if their vote will really make a difference among thousands of others voting. They believe the odds of one vote making…

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