The Presidency Of James Buchanan Essay

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“The Presidency Of James Buchanan was written by Elbert B. Smith in 1975. He was a teacher professor at the University of Maryland and held a masters degree and a PhD in history ( Elbert B. Smith (1921–2013). He has written other history books on U.S presidents Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore and other books about U.S history including “ The Death of Slavery: The United States 1837-1865 and Magnificent Missourian: The Life of Thomas Hart Benton (Elbert B. Smith (1921–2013). While the book itself did not win any awards, Elbert Smith won the Phi Alph Theta book award for this work because Elbert “presents important new evaluations for the consideration of students of both the Civil War and the presidency. ( The Presidency of James Buchanan). There is some bias by the author in the book that favors James Buchanan. The author states that “for more than a century the most common adjectives applied by historians to James Buchanan have been indecisive and weak. In most of his actions during a long lifetime however, James Buchanan was neither indecisive nor weak” (Smith 11). This is a very bias statement by the author because he is refuting what almost all historians say about President Buchanan without immediately backing it up with any evidence. He later went on to say in the paragraph that his actions “usually served a purpose that he clearly had in mind ( Smith 11)”. The author continues his favoring of James Buchanan later in the book by saying “ If the president really…

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