Essay on The Present State Of Antineoplaston Research

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Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD, the founder of antineoplaston treatment and therapy, has claimed to have treated hundreds of cancer patients in America and Mexico. Antineoplastons are a group of naturally- occurring peptides formed in the body through blood and urine which control tumor growth, and have been proven as a means of an alternative treatment, in respect to the toxins in chemotherapy (Reismann, 3). More than almost forty years later, after the beginning of antineoplastons, published clinical trial results were only available for a few patients of whom were willing to test out the treatment plans, volunteering in uncontrolled studies, or case reports.
In his article, “The Present State of Antineoplaston Research” (2004), Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski claims that Antineoplastons, which regulate the expression of genes p53 and p21 through demethylation of promoter sequences and acetylation of histones, will destroy cancer cells and eliminate cancer entirely. Burzynski’s article informs the medical world that a new innovation of experiments has led to a potential treatment to end cancer permanently. The audience for Burzynski’s article includes primarily the cancer specialists, researchers, doctors, and any patients or families dealing with cancer whom are looking for alternate treatments.
As much as the National Institute of Cancer Research denies the findings of Dr. Burzynski, facts and statistics of nearly forty years of dedicated work research conducted by Dr. Burzynski…

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