The Prediction Of The Far Future Essay

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1953 Prediction of the Far Future
“I woke up and everything was the same. I felt useless like always, unlike my uncle, who is doing so much. He risks his life everyday, and that’s only because he wants people to know the truth. I should be thankful for having him since he gave me the gift of having my own opinion and all this knowledge from all those books he gave me, but it is a big responsibility. If I look suspicious, many people I love will get in trouble, but I have to do something. The government is out of control and in any moment everything could collapse. I want to be courageous like my uncle and do something against this corrupt society, but what could I do? I am only seventeen years old, and nobody would ever play attention to me. Everyone is so one-minded, the only thing that makes me different from others is the fact that I have an uncle who opened my eyes to the horrible world out there. ‘Technology is taking over, Clarisse. … Don’t be so ignorant like the others out there, Clarisse. ... Clarisse do you see all those people out there, they are not really people. They have no soul, no opinion, and no curiosity. They are clueless, like Frankenstein, their only source of information is what the Government allows them to see or hear.’ That’s what my uncle said”. Clarisse was a really important character in the book Fahrenheit 451, since she was the one who opened the eyes of the main character, Montag. Their society can be reflected in our society. With the book…

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