Four Types Of Arranged Marriages

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Arranged marriages is a practice that has been around for several centuries and has become a broad term over the course of time. Aside for the standard process of parents finding marriage elligble partners, there are several other types that fit under this practice, such as: child marriages, exchanged marriage, diplomatic marriage, introduction only, love-cum-arranged marriage, mail order, modern arranged marriage, and modern arranged marriage with courtship [New World Encyclopedia]. The practice of each type differs from country to country to culture to culture, some more commonly done than others. Arranged marriages are typically done under traditional means to help continue religious traditions or caste. Within the !Kung and Dinka tribes, …show more content…
One of the practices involves the agreement of two families during the time the groom and bride are still infants. It is only when they reach around their late teens or adulthood that the actual wedding takes place [New World Encyclopedia]. They also practice exchanging brides, which happens when a son is married then a daughter (or other female relative if there is no daughter) must also be married into the other clan. All participants must follow the Islamic laws, one of which requires women to have parental consent to marry as it is seen as the father 's duty to protect his daughter and find a suitable husband [New World Encyclopedia]. Much like the Middle Eastern view of two families coming together, Chinese culture also views it this way, though it is now being common practice for young people to find their own spouses. Their requirements for an arrangement depends on reputation and lineage [New World Encyclopedia]. In Japan about 30 percent of marriages still follow traditional arranged marriages in modern times. Their marriages are more like matchmaking as partners hold a meet to see if they find each other suitable. It is during the first meeting that the parents are usually present [New World …show more content…
Depending on the circumstances I would not have much of a problem if my children wish to enter a polygynous relationship or marriage. It does not matter if my child were a boy or a girl. It is their wish and if the people that they are with also approve of what comes with such a relationship, then I cannot discourage them to not do so. My children, hopefully, would be old enough to understand that a polygynous relationship requires double the amount a “normal” relationship would. Compared to a polygynous relationship, my thoughts on arranged marriages are not as favorable. I do not like the thought of choosing for my child when they can figure out what they want themselves. If they wanted me to arrange one, then I would comply, but otherwise, I would not want to participate in that

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