Abuse Of Power In The Book 1984 By George Orwell

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In the novel 1984 by George Orwell he shows how words are powerful and can have an unimaginable effect on people. The people that aren’t in the higher ranks of the separate societies have their minds constantly toyed with as their own governments spew information that is thrown at them to brainwash them. It’s made evident that to the Inner Party achieving is being able to use their words and other powers to ultimately gain complete control of every mind in the world. This heavily accounts for why the people are led to have such absurd ideas being conceived and how they actually believe what’s being taught to them. When the party speaks of relationships between the people of Oceania it’s obvious that they lead the people to have no interest in developing any sentimental type of bond with anybody or anything but Big Brother and the Inner Party. The insane rhetoric being shoved down their throats include things like newspeak, which is down …show more content…
Speaking of the Proletariats, otherwise known as proles, with disgust and almost prejudiced remarks helps the party clear out any possibility that people will revert back to their old lifestyles. In 1984 the government of Oceania tries to manipulate the general population by destroying the ability to have any personal relationship with others, creating newspeak, and belittling the proles for the people to see.
The government of Oceania tries to manipulate the general population with words by destroying the ability to have any personal bond with anybody. Throughout the book, the reader is indirectly informed that though the people among the general population of Oceania might have relationships, they were tightly restricted by the government. Even marriages were reluctantly issued as they only together serve the party by giving birth to a child that will be loyal to the party and carry on the mission of the next generation. They are told to dismiss their sexual

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