Essay on The Power Of The Mind

1135 Words Mar 9th, 2015 null Page
The power of the mind is beautifully portrayed in Extracted. Scientist Tom has invented a machine that grants an individual the power to enter another person’s mind and walk through their memories, in a sense, experiencing them. His invention is intended to be utilized in trauma therapy but the funds provided think otherwise. The government offers Tom a price he can’t turn down, and he is left unable to refuse the job. Entering the mind of a suspected killer, something turns array, and Tom finds his consciousness trapped inside Anthony. It is revealed early in the film how long Tom has been inside Anthony 's mind, and how well he knows Anthony 's memories, but his realization of this and assumed subsequent panic and terror aren 't part of the film. We find that Tom has been inside for four years, unable to find his way out, while his body lies comotose, and Anthony lingers in prison, unaware of the invasion of his mind. Extracted shares a glimpse of the possible future we hold as technology is advancing with the audience through meticulous characterization and special features to intensify the experience. While the film has been dramatized to become somewhat realistic, it fails at doing so yet manages to provoke thoughts regarding the human experience. Nir Paniry, the film director, does a superb job at attempting to make the film as close to reality as possible. The setting remains believable throughout without being too fanciful, and the overall design suits the plot’s…

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