The Power Of The Mind Film Analysis

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The power of the mind is beautifully portrayed in Extracted. Scientist Tom has invented a machine that grants an individual the power to enter another person’s mind and walk through their memories, in a sense, experiencing them. His invention is intended to be utilized in trauma therapy but the funds provided think otherwise. The government offers Tom a price he can’t turn down, and he is left unable to refuse the job. Entering the mind of a suspected killer, something turns array, and Tom finds his consciousness trapped inside Anthony. It is revealed early in the film how long Tom has been inside Anthony 's mind, and how well he knows Anthony 's memories, but his realization of this and assumed subsequent panic and terror aren 't part of …show more content…
Tom’s actor at certain points seemed too detached from his role, affecting the overall atmosphere of the film. It is hard for a character to gain sympathy when all we see is the calm after the storm, the four years he has been trapped in Anthony’s mind. Without experiencing his own emotional breakdown at his predicament, I was unable to click with the main character, which led to a bit too much disinterest. Aside from Tom’s occasional detachment, the characters found the perfect way to portray the various themes presented in the film. Selfish motives and greed fueled Tom’s manager to promote the event, Anthony to turn his back on Tom, and for Tom to manipulate Anthony to free himself. It was only when Anthony accepted his dying state that he knew his goals were no longer achievable and suddenly his motives had to be altered. The nature of memory is also illustrated as viewers note that memories can be manipulated, controlled, false, and regained. We see a sense of humanity while Willis puts his self-motives first, but ultimately attempts to assist the main character in escaping the trap. As the world is growing, the world of technology is as well. It is advancing so much that it could be possible to have some kind of device that looks through people’s memory’s, and these thoughts strike as we see the type of events occurring in the film, such as being able to see Anthony’s mind from the television. All of these underlying themes build Extracted by forming credibility of characters and appeal to

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