Essay on The Power Of The Human Race

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Whether we think back to the beginning of civilization, and to the primitive caves where they began or if we look towards the future we are envisioning the power of the human race. We are evaluating the power of the human race to survive. We often think about the first hunter-gathers, who survived on the beasts they conquered or the primitive cave-dwellings they inhabited, though we forget that these early peoples also produced the very first works of art as another important means to survive. Specifically, we can recall various early civilizations in history that used art in this way, from the Chinese Horse produced during the period of pre-history, the Tell Asmar figures of Mesopotamia, to the Ka Statues that developed in Egypt in 24,000 BCE. Through these works we see reflected the advancement of these individual cultures, how they ensured their survival and how they flourished. Although collectively in these works we see the power of humanity to evolve. By definition, art is an expression of creativity and imagination and these expressions can be produced in a variety of mediums from paintings to sculpture. But the most important aspect of the artwork is its ability to communicate a deeper understanding of life through a particular culture or subject. One of the first successful works of art created was the Chinese Horse located in the caves of Lascaux, France. It is a great example of art in the service of survival because this specific work demonstrates the power of…

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