Essay about The Power of Sympathy

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The Power of Sympathy

The Power of Sympathy by William Hill Brown is a narrative to teach young

ladies about the importance of education, the fatal consequences of seduction, and the

proper instruction women should have. This narrative was written to scare women away

from wayward love and more towards rational love. It gives us insight to the heartache of

women who fell for wayward love and their consequences. Brown uses education,

seduction, and the proper instruction for women as a way to make women more educated

on seduction. This is so women won't fall for seduction or be the seducer themselves.

Education is used throughout the narrative. Women need an education, and by

being virtuous and religious
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Mr. Worthy

states what "Novels, not regulates on the chaste principles of true friendship, rational

love, and connubial duty, appear to me totally unfit to form the minds of women, of

friends, or of wives"(21). They don't want women to read novels like romance novels

that will fill women's minds with ideas of wayward love, because it is not rational.

Wayward love exists when you are crazy madly in love with someone. By reading

"bad" romances novels women have bad ideas concerning love and marriage. The

proper instruction women should have is by reading the correct essays, poetry, and

books on pure reason. This will teach women rational ideas about love and marriage

and not ideas that will cause them severe consequences. Rational love leans to marriage

and is the right kind of love in Brown's narrative. Mr. Holmes says that "those books

which teach us a knowledge of the world are useful to form the minds of females, and

ought therefore to be studied"(25). Proper novels that women should read are those that

don't teach about anything that's not rational.

With an education these women would not have been easily seduced. They would

have read novels on love and marriage that were rational and formed rational ideas on

the subjects. Instead of falling for wayward love the proper education would

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