The Power Of Poverty By Walter Hind Essays

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The Power of Poverty I, Walter Hind, a catholic captive of the English as a result of the Wars of Three Kingdoms arrived in the colony of Virginia as an Irish servant in 1660. I was ordered to work as an indentured servant for a certain Mrs. Hannah Aston for a period of six years. With the decline of the economic power of Virginia, the favoritism shown towards wealthy landowners and the elite, and the injustice shown towards indentured servants such as me by making us work more years or pay huge fines to the already wealthy, I am of the opinion that joining Mr. Nathaniel Bacon in his efforts to rebel against the colony courts and take control of the land from the Indians is the right thing to do in order to better the life of my growing family. A lot of situations have led to the frustrations of people who would later band together to form Bacon 's Rebellion. At this time, Virginia faces a lot of economic problems, such as declining tobacco prices, growing commercial competition from Maryland and the Carolinas, an increasingly restricted English market, and the rising prices from English manufactured goods. There is heavy loss in the latest series of naval wars with the Dutch and, closer to home, there are many problems caused by weather. Hailstorms, floods, dry spells, and hurricanes affect the colony all year round and has a damaging effect on the colonists. This makes the life of the poor even worse and there is no hope that the courts will make the…

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