The Power Of Love In Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

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Love is a strong emotion. Out of all of the emotions, love is the only one strong enough to conquer hate when it is felt strongly enough to exude power. In Emily Bronte’s novel, Wuthering Heights, the power of love is the only thing that can overcome the character’s hate that is of such a massive force, it has spanned many years. Mr. Earnshaw was a Yorkshire farmer and the owner of Wuthering Heights. He comes home to his wife, son Hindley, and daughter Catherine, from a business trip. With him, he brings a little orphaned, gypsy boy named Heathcliff. Mr. Earnshaw begins to treat Heathcliff better than his own son, Hindley. Instead of Catherine going against Heathcliff, as her brother naturally does, she falls in love with him. This causes many problems when her father, Mr. Earnshaw, passes away and Hindley takes over Wuthering Heights. Hindley immediately …show more content…
Catherine’s nephew, Hareton, son of Hindley, becomes allies with Cathy. This alliance between Hareton’s son and Catherine’s daughter ensures the second generation will not be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the first. Heathcliff no longer has the desire to complete his revenge when he sees how alike Hareton and Cathy are to himself and Catherine. The power of Heathcliff’s love for Catherine is undeniable, and he is reminded of how much she loved him, when he watches Cathy and Hareton together. He is constantly reminded of Catherine and his powerful love for her. Over time, that powerful love begins to squash his hatred. As he continues to seek solitude more and more often, and only eats once a day, his love for Catherine remains strong. His love for Catherine remains so strong and deep that he no longer wants to hate Edgar. He just wants to love,and be loved by, Catherine. Finally, he gives in to his love completely and stops hating. Love conquered the

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