The Power Of A Versatile Mind Essay

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The Power of a Versatile Mind
The human mind is a remarkably versatile machine. Depending on what an individual needs, the mind has the ability to change its own perception in order to fit those needs. Humanitarian authors such as Charles Siebert, Karen Armstrong, and Oliver Sacks each demonstrate just how much people are able to change their perceptions in trying to achieve a higher quality of life. Charles Siebert expresses how humans can change their perception of elephants through his work “An Elephant Crackup?”, while Karen Armstrong wrote “Homo Religiosus” to demonstrate how someone’s beliefs or religion can give them a perception of ekstasis towards life. Similarly, Oliver Sacks exemplifies how someone can control what they visually perceive, even without their eyesight, in his work, “The Mind’s Eye”. So in any situation presented by each author, people do have at least some control over their perception of objects, others and life in general. No matter what, from our basic perceptions of objects to our complex perceptions of life, there is always an amount of control we as humans hold over the information we choose to perceive. Although, that extent of control will vary according to what it is someone is perceiving.
Humans have the least control over are the basic five senses, especially the sense of sight. There is usually no argument, or sense of control, as to whether someone can see something or not, which why many people depend on their sense of sight in order…

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