The Poverty Of The United States Essay

1200 Words Feb 28th, 2016 5 Pages
It is evident that, in society, not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Yet, many people do not understand that many American families, individuals, and children suffer from living with a low income or no income at all. We call America the land of opportunity. Yet, how can we call this the land of opportunity if majority of individuals lay beneath the line of poverty. This ever so rising issue is not close to the point of being eliminated, despite the various means of assistance such as Welfare, SNAP benefits, Medicaid and various other programs. According to the Associated Press, A full one in six Americans falls below the poverty line. A statistic like this makes one think about what is the reasoning behind poverty and if there are any solutions to the still evident and growing issue if poverty in the United States.

Finding the reasoning behind the high number of people living in poverty can be a daunting task. After looking at some of the articles provided, I noticed that they all had a similar reason behind poverty. The first reason I noticed was that in order to save money one has to have the financial support to do so. For example, as mentioned in article, “Why Poor People Stay Poor”, the author, Linda Tirado, touched on how she struggled to maintain financial security because unexpected hardships always came along. In addition, Tirado explained that in order to save you must be able to invest now for future savings. Something that is…

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