The Poverty Of Poverty And Poverty Essay

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Defeating Poverty
The causes of poverty that must be solved are health, government, and the cycle of poverty. Health problems, either directly physical or indirectly financial, force many people into poverty. Governments need to regulate wealth; quite often, they do not do this or they do not do it well. Both of the above problems cause poverty, but the cycle of poverty is the biggest issue keeping people in poverty. In order to fully stop poverty, these problems must be addressed and solved. Poverty is everywhere, and it inflicts so many people in so many ways. Poverty, as defined by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is “defined in either relative or absolute terms. Absolute poverty measures poverty in relation to the amount of money necessary to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. Relative poverty defines poverty in relation to the economic status of other members of the society: people are poor if they fall below prevailing standards of living in a given societal context,” (Learning To Live Together). Both of these definition have the same cause and, in turn, the same solutions. Poor health pushes people into a downward spiral of poverty. Those inflicted with health issues are generally unable to work; if they are incapable of working, they cannot earn an income. Without income, it can be very challenging to pay bills or afford necessities. In addition to not being able to pay previously accrued debt, health…

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