The Post Civil War Marked A New Revolution Essay

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The post-Civil War marked a new revolution. Despite the abolishment of slavery and the freedom of African Americans during this era, segregation, political marginality, degraded educational opportunities and religion shaped their lives. (p. 184). Freedom was their new promise and it meant no more chains, lashes, or exploitation; unfortunately, blacks were met with new requisitions. In the African-American Odyssey stated that most white Americans did not suddenly abandon 250 years of deeply ingrained beliefs that people of African decent were their inferior. (p. 360) White supremacy, the disenfranchisement of black voters, poor heath care, education and housing all contributed to social, political and economic context of the United States in the South during the postwar period (1865-1900).
Politics and economic traverse delivered significant changes to the African American society during this era. Between 1965 and the 1900s blacks attempted to make a forthcoming but, were treat as second-class citizens and white lawmakers reminded them of their being by emplacing statutes conforming to the late Confederacy era. From slavery to being free, the ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment gave African Americans reassurance to gain citizenship and the right to due process. Radical Republicans would have it their way—although African-Americans served, fought and died to preserve the Union but, they continued to endure political highs and lows. After the Civil war the Reconstruction…

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