What Is Standardized Testing Measure Student Achievement?

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Standardized testing has been a method that has been implemented into the school systems in order of them to be able to measure a student 's achievement. While in some cases the students come out on top, but more often than not a lot of students are left behind due to their inability of the attaining their school systems standards. The school system 's ability to measure students achievements needs to change in order for the school systems to be more successful. For a long time the upper/middle-classes have generated the highest test score on standardized testing, while leaving lower income classes falling short. Most standardized tests are created to cater to the middle/upper-classes. Majority of the situations that they reference …show more content…
A lot of the times when the students are grouped together there is often seen a “winning” side and a “losing” side. The “winning” side would be the students who get recognized for their achievements and outstanding test scores and put in all the advanced classes. The “losing” side are the students who are told that they got basic and they need to be at proficient. That the work they put into a category that is viewed as not good enough. Which isn’t what we should be telling students just as they 're starting out in their educational tract. Then as those students are placed in the less challenging courses than peers, if often discourages the students from learning. These students that are placed in easier courses also miss the opportunity to take classes that are mentally stimulating and allow them to rise to the occasion. As David Shriberg and Amy Burke Shriberg state “schools are more likely to hold students back to increase the proportion of students who pass competency exams—and the fact of being held back has been shown to increase a student 's risk of dropping out”. Students who receive the “losing” side of standardized testing often drop out before they can find what they’re genuinely good at. Minorities are often leading numbers in the dropout rate, as stated above they do not have some of the same advantages of those who are in the upper-class. The Shribergs state “...many children, disproportionately those from minority and lower socioeconomic backgrounds, are either shuffled around or encouraged to drop out of school”, this correlates the bias in standardized testing to the increasing numbers in the dropout rate in school systems across the country. Hence a lot of students just being shuffled around, the students not understanding of the material could stem from the fact that a lot of teachers are advised to each what is on the test so the school can continue to get funded

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