The Possession Of The Goodwin Children Essay

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The possession of the Goodwin children is a controversial witchcraft case consisting of four of the six the children of a family being infected. This case is peculiar due to the severity of the torment and how the infected children all had identical fits. The main question is if the children were truly possessed or remarkable actors. The conclusion ultimately reached, was that the children were found to be remarkable actors based on the descriptions of their illness and possible deception.
The afflicted children’s illness consisted of roaring and breaking of various body parts. To go into depth Cotton Mather describes their torments as “…tongues would be drawn down their throats; another while they would be pulled out upon their chins, to a prodigious length. They would have their mouths opened unto such a wideness. That their jaws went out of joint; and anon they would clap together again.” The children were known for dismembering their bodies. For one instance their “necks would be broken, so that their neck bone would seem dissolved” and then become suddenly stiff. The children could have possibly afflicted said pains upon themselves because, joints pop in and out easily all the time. Also, the human mind can be trained to do anything it wants; such as, overcoming physical disabilities to achieve mental superior status. Therefore, the kids could have learned how to pop joints in and out, mimicking the acts of witches. As for the tongues down throats and the wideness of…

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