Breastfeeding Argumentative Essay

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Many American mothers face a hardship that is, alone a breastfeeding mother’s issue. Breastfeeding in public areas is often regarded with a judging stare or an improper comment to “cover up”. Mothers are often shunned from areas of business for breastfeeding openly, and refusing to be downgraded to a bathroom. There are places that are inviting and accommodating to mothers, places that provide a designated “family” area or specific room for nursing or pumping, coincidentally these rooms are still hidden away from the public eye. There is also no doubt that there are certain benefits of breastfeeding, a reduced risk of SIDS, a decreased rate of several different chronic diseases, and it’s far more economical then formula tends to be. Therefore, …show more content…
There are nurses dedicated to the education of nursing mothers, groups of mothers with nursing children, or even just places that provide a safe quiet respite from the public. Nursing needs to be encouraged often as breastmilk is created on a “supply and demand” sort of bodily function. So providing mothers with the acceptance will increase their chances of breastfeeding past the first three months. According to the CDC, in Washington State alone 91.8 percent of mothers have breastfed at least once in their life, but only 20.3 percent of those women have continued to breastfeed exclusively until the infant has reached six months. (“CDC Breastfeeding Report” 4.) It’s imperative we increase these numbers, and to do this we need to uplift breastfeeding in the public eye. To sum up, breastfeeding is very beneficial to women and children, and the promotion of breastfeeding over formula should be encouraged. Societal views may hold stricture against the breastfeeding mother, but there are ways to encourage a growth in mothers being able to nurse at will. As a community of humans which have survived for centuries due to breastfeeding mothers, we need to be more accepting that this is natural and easily the best way to make sure an infant is getting the nutrition they

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