The Positive Effects Of Addiction To The Internet

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Register to read the introduction… “Teens in particular have embraced the new technology in droves. They are the first generation for whom using the computer or using a mobile device such as a Smartphone plays a key role in many of their activities, from the music they download online to the places they socialize.” (Stevens and Stone 1). A suffering Internet addict excessively uses the Internet without any sense of time, shows feelings of anger or depression when the Internet is not available, and isolates themselves socially (Medindia 1). Now, since humans practically function every day by using the Internet in some way, everyone, especially teens, is at risk at becoming an addict. “The real lure for Internet addicts is not so much being online, but being able to use the Internet’s most interactive applications.” (Greenhaven 2). In many cases, there is no other cause of an Internet addict, other than that they quickly become addicted to the games, or social networking sites online. With the advancement of technology, teens are continuously bored when there is nothing new on the Internet. Many teens have lost the ability to think outside the box and be creative, when they spend their time online. Online games provide a great source of entertainment, as they were created to be addictive. The high score, the accomplishment of beating the game, and the discovery of new relationships in the game all contribute to online gaming addictions (Video Game Addiction 10). This is just one example of the wide variety of online entertainment. With just a click of a button, teens can find almost anything they want on the internet, and they are dragged further and further away from …show more content…
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