The Positive Aspect Of Being A Female Essay

2336 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 10 Pages
For me, the positive aspect of being a female is that I can conceive and deliver children. Obviously, men cannot conceive or deliver a child. This may seem like a negative aspect of being a female to some, but I believe it is a positive aspect. To me, it is an amazing opportunity to be able to create a new life. Being a female also allows me more social acceptance into a helping profession compared to males. Females are seen as nurtures by nature so helping others is something that should come natural. While males are not seen this way and are not as socially accepted into helping professions, such as social work or nursing. Being Caucasian is probably one of the most positive aspects in my opinion. Unfortunately, our society still puts people into categories because of the color of their skin. Therefore, I am more socially accepted as a Caucasian American compared to other races in the United States. Because of the color of my skin, I am able to receive more opportunities than if I was of a different race. My ethnicity is not something that is very important to me, but it still is a positive aspect. Due the fact that I am Irish, Norwegian, and German, I am considered to be a Caucasian America because of my pale skin color. This allows me to have many opportunities and resources automatically granted to me since I am from the majority portion of the population. Being a member of the middle class, allows me many opportunities, such as higher education and…

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