The Portrayal Of Muhammad 's Wives Essay

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The Muslims had a special regard for both the prophet Muhammad and his numerous wives. Due to their close relationship with the prophet, Muhammad’s wives had special counsel from God through the Prophet, therefore earning the title as The Mothers of the Believers. Although glorious and powerful this title may be, it accounted for many restrictions that the wives of the prophet had to follow, such as limiting their time in the presence of men as well as the social sphere while also fulfilling their roles in “charity, piety and obedience to God and His prophet . However, it is observed that the portrayal of Muhammad’s wives varies in both the Quran and Hadith as well as among other Muslim scholars. The Hadith depicted the Mothers of Believers in various modes of the women’s personalities where as the Quran represented the women as figures who set up the accepted role of women within the household as well as in the public dominion. The right of holding the scared title of “Mother of Believers” only belonged to the wives of the Prophet, who often at times could not biologically produce a child but fulfilled the role of the mother to the followers of the prophets but was unfortunately skewed when a concubine of the Prophet had threatened the notion of motherhood by giving birth to the only male heir of the prophet. The title, Mother of Believers, pertains to the wives of the Prophet Muhammad. The role of this title is to guide the female followers of Muhammad to the…

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