The Population Of The United States Essay

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Demographics are used by governments, corporations, and other non-government entities to learn more about a population 's characteristics and the trends within that population. Demographic population trends in the U.S. are changing for several reasons. As a whole, the population of the United States is increasing. This is a direct result of a history of increased births, decreased deaths and increased immigration. The age of the U.S. population is getting older because of a dip in fertility rates and a decrease in mortality rates. Fewer babies are being born and people are living longer. This has left the median age of the population significantly increased. Along with changes in size and age, the population is also becoming more racially diverse. African Americans were African replaced by Hispanics as the largest minority group. This change is a result of large numbers of immigrants entering the country from Latin America and high birth rates among Hispanics (The Changing Demographic, 2011).
Geographic population trends are also changing. The population is growing in leaps and bounds and so is the population of certain areas of the U.S. Regionally trends showed that by the end of the century, 58% of Americans lived in the South or the West and more people lived in metropolitan areas than any other region (Dobbs, 2003). On a State level more of the “retirement” or “resort” oriented states (Florida) showed population growth than other states and metropolitan living…

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