The Politics Of The United States Essay

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McWilliams claims that people in the United States do not know how to use their knowledge on political models. The do not have a good grip on the situation also does not know if what they are doing is right or wrong. They have the right but they don 't use it because they do not know if it is achievable or practical. I agree with McWilliams claim because most of the citizens in the United States have a lack of knowledge to participate in politics. Even though we should all participate in politics because if our government collapses then we do not have anything to look forward to. We have earned their rights so why do people think there is an option of depriving ourselves of it. For example, Voting is the most important thing to participate in politics but many citizens do not show up in the election because they think it is optional. People do not understand that there is an aftermath that we may have to face if we do not take a hand of our opportunities.
Most people participate in politics by voting and protesting. Voting is a big way of participating in politics because we are the people that vote count in general elections such as president, congress, and state of local government. We are the ones that attend to the campaigns for the candidate or the party we support and think that will give us a better future. We then protest and boycott to the candidate we do not share the same political views on. Many public ways to participate in politics is by working for a candidate…

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